Mourning Knows

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P.S America: The Trilogy

From the author who brought you "Dreams Interrupted: 4th and Long the Novel, Glen Mourning will be releasing his most anticipated work of his career. "P.S America: A trilogy of the African American experience in America which will be released in the Spring of 2019. The Novels will be crime thrillers with social justice narration that will emphasize the past, present and future struggles of what Blacks in America have been communicating since the beginning of the country's existence. The stories will include the experiences of five major characters whose actions will leave you questioning the system that has controlled and shaped our history as American Citizens. 

Book 1: The Never Ending Story of Being Black in the United States

          Seventeen years have passed since Nacirema’s father was accused of murdering his mother’s girlfriend. It is now the year 2037 and the relationship between African Americans and the law have escalated to levels of internment camps and pan-optic surveillance. But Nacierma isn't the only one impacted by the aggressive racial agenda. The fear to control violence has caused the United States to make governmental decisions that will alter the path of the country forever.

          This climatic thriller will leave you breathless as the lives of Americans will intertwine and overlap in ways that society never thought were possible. The world as we know it will be shaken up for those who are still willing to die for the livelihood of those they love. “P.S America”, is the never ending story of being Black in a white world, where the fate of many has already been written. What has our world come to when having integrity and faith becomes the first steps of being outlawed and wrongfully convicted?

P.S…the worse has yet to come.

Book 2: The Deceptive Story of Privilege, Money, and Power in the United States 

         For the past several years, Federal Attorney Clara Brown has been working on the most pivotal Supreme Court case in the history of the United States. The loving mother and famous civil rights attorney is torn between fighting for an entire race of people or bringing justice to the unsolved murder of her secret lover. Awaiting a final decision from Washington, AUSA Clara Brown walks aboard a half empty nitro tunnel car for what might be the final time of her life.

Years after witnessing the lowest approval rating in the nation’s history, America is dealing with the aftermath of what the 46th President has done to race relations in the United States. After the Supreme Court’s decision to redefine citizenship, other unimaginable policies have continued to be implemented and passed that have restricted the freedoms of African Americans. People across the country and in other parts of the world can no longer ignore the drastic changes.

          The Federal Government’s decision to monitor and protect citizens from institutional racism and authoritative brutality has taken a turn for the worst.

Since the passing of the Post Surveillance Crime Act that openly targeted minorities, the eyes in the sky have been ignoring the true causes of violence, fear, and hate that has negatively impacted the country. The government has found new ways to deceive the American public and the world may never find out the truth behind the meaning of privilege, money, and power.

P.S…you thought the worst was over. 

Book 3: The Fabricated Story of Love, Lies, and the American Dream

          In the year 2019, the political agenda took a radical turn. If you were a person of color and accused of a violent crime, your charges no longer needed to be supported by substantial evidence. The United States shifted to a period of overt racism that resembled the brutality that once plagued the deep, segregated South. All you could hope for as an African American during the preparation for the re-election of the 45th President was to keep your family close and your enemies as far away as possible. But for two friends, that concept wouldn’t be so black and white.
          Prior to the collapse of the judicial system, Clarence and Elijah were inseparable. Before taking on the responsibility of saving the country from socially destructing itself, Clarence and his wife Clara, both nationally renowned civil rights defense attorneys in New York City, were in their primes. Clarence was also the sports agent of his best friend Elijah Waters, while Clara was battling monumental cases of her own. Elijah was among the world’s most well-known figures in history. Before sacrificing his career to begin the Black Lives Matter Quality campaign, he had won three consecutive NBA titles. Had he known that one single decision would have jeopardized his family's future and the lives of those around him, he wouldn't have done anything different despite the outcomes. They say that anyone willing to sacrifice their liberties and freedoms for a greater cause is a noble and honorable man. But what do you call the country that makes killing this type of man a public agenda?  
          After experiencing eight-years of what scholars referred to as a post racial America, traditional conservatives took the credit for re-establishing the fear in the hearts of any person of color willing to speak up for their rights. But with the most successful woman on the planet on their side, these two men were collectively willing to risk it all. How far is one man willing to go to bring truth to the fabricated story of love, lies and the potential of an American Dream? 

                                                                                                          P.S...No one said it was over