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Men Acknowledging Dreams Early Mentoring

In 1995, I was in the 3rd grade. My home life was miserable. School was miserable. Making friends and positively navigating a very confusing world was...well...miserable. That was until my elementary school in Danbury, Connecticut recognized that there was something missing from my life.  Having been provided an effective and passionate male role model changed the way that I viewed the world. Had it not been for my mentor I would have surely failed to live up to my full potential as child and as a life-long learner. 

Having spent the past ten years educating and mentoring students, I am pleased to announce the beginning of a new era. M.A.D.E Men mentoring is now official. As the founder of this amazing organization, I am now accepting applications to join this brand new network of Positive POSITIVE, PASSIONATE and PROFESSIONAL men who have what it takes to guide young men from ages 8-15 into the direction of following their dreams. MEN ACKNOWLEDGING DREAMS EARLY will launch in the late Fall in Washington, D.C. If you or anyone you know may be interested in inspiring a young man and making a difference in the world, contact me at [email protected]. Applications and background checks are mandatory. 

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Mentoring interest form: Please provide your name, email or cell phone umber to be contacted with more information. In the message box, provide 50-100 words as to why you would like to become a M.A.D.E Mentor in the Washington, D.C area and I will get back to you with potential next steps.  

Let's Be M.A.D.E

         The #1 Kid's Guide to Success is here! "Care More Than Us'" is a conversation style read for young readers and adults alike, who may have trouble identifying how great they already are. By readjusting what it means to be successful, "Care More Than Us" takes the readers through the process of learning to believe in themselves and avoiding the crowd that may distract them from reaching their goals. This guide to success will allow students to see that by caring more than adults do about their own futures, that they will be able to build a world where accomplishing goals is their main priority. 

         Children will read about what it means to become accountable for their actions, along with why never giving up will help them build life-long habits. Finally, readers will be able to refer back to the steps of achieving success where they will ultimately learn to love school and learning over and over again. The tools for a successful journey are finally here! Learn how to care enough to change your life one day at a time.

Customer review: By Homer on April 17, 2016 Format: 

"As a student I feel this book teaches life lessons that all kids should know. I also feel this book teaches kids you can grow up and be what you want to be. This book also shows that teachers care about their students more than their students realize. I would recommend this book to kids of all ages."

"Care More Than Us"  is more than a book.
It is the tool that students
and young people use for a life of goal setting and success. 

" does not happen for anyone without them first experiencing frustration or doubt. To become successful, it takes time". Chapter 3: Page 16


"Hopefully by now it is clear that us teachers and adults who care about all of you students and young people so much were once elementary, middle and high school students ourselves".
Chapter 8 :  Page 51


"So start today in making your life better than it was yesterday. Being a leader takes more than knowing what the right things to do are. You have to DO them.
Chapter 12: Page 83