Mourning Knows

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Author, Educator and Motivational Speaker

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          It was the year 1995 and Clara’s grandchildren were having a difficult time with life after their father had unexpectedly passed away. Her babies, as she called them, began to lose sight of all of the wonderful and amazing opportunities that the world had to offer. For her three grandchildren, school was miserable, their neighborhood was full of violence and crime and what made matters even worse was the fact that their mother, Clara’s daughter, had just lost her job. Being told that they needed to stay strong and positive was easier said than done. Who could blame the kids for being unable to see what those who had come before them fought to secure.

          In this heartfelt and original tale, Clara ignites a passion for learning and encourages her grandchildren to remain appreciative of what they have while also teaching them through the use of classic fairy-tales that the world and everything in it can still be theirs. All it’ll take is an open mind and the courage to take on life one problem at a time. Clara is sure to make some tough cookies out of her grandchildren in order for them to live a life of success. In this short novel about the African American experience, you’ll be sure to fall in love with the warmth, comfort and taste of “Southern Cookies”.

Glen Mourning Knows!

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Author of the soon to be #1 Kid's Book in America, "Care More than Us: The Young People's Guide to Success" as well as the thrilling, emotional and heartfelt novel, "Dreams Interrupted" both available now on Amazon, Barnes and Noble and select retailers in Washington, D.C

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Glen's Biography 

Glen Leroy Mourning was born on March 26th, 1987 in Danbury Connecticut. As the oldest of his mother's five children, Glen was blessed with the opportunity to lead by example where he would become the first of two generations to not only graduate from high school, but to complete a masters degree.

    In 2005 Glen earned a Full- Athletic Scholarship to attend the University of Connecticut where he would make the "All Big East Conference Academic Honor roll for two years in a row before graduating and attending Grad School at the University of Bridgeport.

     In 2010 Glen finished his masters degree in Elementary Ed. and was named the Student teacher of the year at the University of Bridgeport. Since then, Glen worked along side of the Nationally renowned Educational contributor Dr. Steve Perry, Star of the CNN Special "Black in America II" and the host of TV One's "Save our Sons".

    As a 4th and 5th grade teacher at Capital Preparatory Magnet School in Hartford Connecticut, Glen managed to brilliantly inspire the lives of hundreds of students in his tenure as an educator. At the same time, he was the assistant Varsity football coach at Capital Prep Where the team posted an incredible record of 22-2, winning a State play-off appearance before stepping down from his role as defensive backs coach.

    For the past three year, Glen has worked in Washington D.C as a 4th grade teacher . Glen will continue working in Washington, D.C as an educator and community leader. His greatest accomplishments are not those that have occurred on the playing fields across America but rather with his promise to his family that he has kept for the last seven years which was to become the motivation for his students that have come from similar circumstances.

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